A little known fact about your coffee’s temperature 👀 + Explore a New Way to Experience Flavor 👃👅☕🍑🍋

Most coffee drinkers never stop to think about this one factor that affects the taste and balance of their coffee. 

What is it? 


It doesn’t sound like a crazy revelation but let me share with you the side of coffee that 99% of coffee drinkers have never considered.

Once you’ve made your brew, the temperature of your coffee has a HUGE impact on all aspects of your coffee’s flavor: aroma, body, balance, finish, sweetness, and taste

So how do you know which serving temperature will bring out the best flavor? 

Here a little secret: there’s no ‘best serving temperature’. Coffee is meant to be appreciated and savored at different temperatures. Even room temperature coffee and cold brew made from quality beans will showcase unique flavors that can be appreciated.

The beautiful nature of coffee most people take for granted is how the flavor changes and develops as it cools

As one friend of mine described it, “every cup of coffee is a drink of 1000 flavors”–what he meant is: to truly appreciate coffee you should discover the unique flavors and aromas in your coffee at every degree as the temperature cools. 

So how does AVENSI allow you to take active control of your coffee’s temperature?

By allowing you to control the temperature of your coffee through swirling.

Not only does swirling your coffee in the AVENSI allow you to amplify aromas and enhance its flavors, it allows you to control the temperature of your coffee so that you can explore its unique flavor notes.

We caught up with our friend Tim, a world traveller and coffee blogger from to share this unique ritual of swirling your coffee to explore it’s diverse flavors through temperature control.

During our journey to develop the AVENSI, we learned that coffee reveals different flavor notes at different temperatures. Yet many people miss out on this experience. That’s because coffee drinking is normally a passive experience where people sit idly as their coffee cools (often too quickly if it’s in an ordinary mug).

The ‘Hybrid Thermal Wall’

The AVENSI features a ‘Hybrid Thermal Wall’ which keeps your coffee hot for longer. This lengthens the window of time where your coffee expresses those unique flavors at specific temperatures. If you’d like to cool your coffee’s temperature further to explore the different flavors, simply swirl your coffee until you reach your desired drinking temperature! 

The last piece of the ritual is temperature sensing. The Hybrid Thermal Wall not only keeps your coffee hot and your hands cool, the single-walled top portion allows you to detect the temperature of your coffee as you swirl. Sounds crazy right? 

No more burnt tongues if your coffee is too hot. Just swirl and touch to get a feel for your coffee’s temperature. 

Time to Upgrade your Coffee Ritual

Your new coffee ritual might look something like this:

Step 1: Sense the temperature of your coffee through the single wall. It definitely feels too hot to drink (~65degC).
Step 2: Swirl your coffee to cool it down. As you swirl, the aromas volatilize revealing hints of caramel and chocolate. 
Step 3: Sense your coffee has cooled enough to drink (~55deg C). You take a sip and notice the nutty and black tea flavor notes. 
Step 4: Swirl your coffee to cool it down further. As you swirl, the aromas continue to develop revealing new hints of brown sugar and vanilla.  
Step 5: Sense your coffee has cooled further (~45deg C). A sip reveals new flavors like blueberry and hints of lemon. 

This is such a new way to appreciate your coffee and the diverse flavors that it has to offer, and we couldn’t be more excited for you to be the first to experience it!

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