AVENSI Hidden Features to Upgrade your Coffee Experience

Secret Feature #1: Revealing the Hidden Flavors in your Coffee

Our mission when we started this journey was to inspire coffee lovers to explore the diverse flavor notes in every cup. 

To achieve that goal, we created a cup that reveals and enhances both the familiar and hidden tastes and aromas of your favorite coffee.

So the big question you’re probably wondering is… how does the world’s best coffee cup enhance the way your coffee tastes?

The AVENSI, does something no other coffee cup can. The unique shape was engineered to allow you to swirl and play with your coffee.

But why is swirling important? 

Similar to wine and whiskey glasses, this directly influences the way your coffee smells and tastes.

90% of what we commonly perceive as taste comes from our sense of smell, and lucky for us, coffee has the most captivating aromatics of any drink.

Combining our understanding of fluid dynamics and aromatic diffusion, we designed the optimal shape and curvature of the glass to maximize the surface area of your coffee when you swirl. This simple action aerates your coffee, allowing the aromatic molecules to release and give your coffee a fuller flavor.

Secret Feature #2 : Aroma Amplification, Smell the Difference

Swirling alone isn’t going to make your coffee smell and taste better. There’s a second design feature of the AVENSI glass that enhances and elevates the taste and flavor notes in your coffee. 

The second big secret of the AVENSI is its ability to capture and focus the aromas of your coffee. 

Why is smell so important?

90% of what we commonly perceive as taste comes from our sense of smell. 

The “Diffusion Chamber” of the AVENSI glass is designed to retain and focus those delicate aromas that are usually lost in regular mugs. 

This unique shape that we created wasn’t an accident. 

We experimented and tested over 80 iterations with coffee experts around the world to understand the optimal shape to enhance the most desirable aromatics and flavor notes of coffee.

The result is a unique glass shape that will give your coffee and your morning ritual a refreshing boost of flavor. 

Secret Feaature #3 : A subtle design secret that most people will never notice

How do you marry scientific enhanced performance with beautiful aesthetic design? 

When we began designing the first concepts for the world’s best coffee cup, we didn’t want to just make ‘another boring cup’. 

With so many breakthroughs and benefits, we wanted to create a novel design that would shift the paradigm around coffee appreciation and get you to fall in love with the ritual of coffee all over again.

Can you spot the Hexagon?

Just like the flavors hidden in your coffee, hidden in the architecture of the AVENSI glass are the gentle facets of a twisting hexagon. 

Why a hexagon? 

The hexagon is one of the most beautiful shapes in nature and a building block of life. In spirituality it represents freedom and flow.

Whenever you craft a fresh brew and pick up your AVENSI glass to cradle the facets in your hand, let it be a daily reminder to appreciate the moment and the beautiful brew you’ve crafted.

A Breakthrough in Glass Design

The marvel of coffee in harmony with the science of design. 

The unique twisting hexagon design of the AVENSI has never been done before with double walled glass. And it came with its fair share of manufacturing challenges. 

After dozens of prototypes, we found the perfect balance of beautiful design, science, and ergonomics to enhance your coffee drinking ritual.

Secret Feature #4: The Most Overlooked Factor of your Coffee’s Flavor

Most coffee drinkers never stop to think about this one factor that affects the taste and balance of their coffee. 

What is it? 


It doesn’t sound like a crazy revelation but let me share with you the side of coffee that 99% of coffee drinkers have never considered.

Once you’ve made your brew, the temperature of your coffee has a HUGE impact on all aspects of your coffee’s flavor: aroma, body, balance, finish, sweetness, and taste

So how do you know which serving temperature will bring out the best flavor? 

Here a little secret: there’s no ‘best serving temperature’. Coffee is meant to be appreciated and savored at different temperatures. Even room temperature coffee and cold brew made from quality beans will showcase unique flavors that can be appreciated.

The beautiful nature of coffee most people take for granted is how the flavor changes and develops as it cools

As one friend of mine described it, “every cup of coffee is a drink of 1000 flavors”–what he meant is: to truly appreciate coffee you should discover the unique flavors and aromas in your coffee at every degree as the temperature cools. 

A First for the Coffee World

That’s where the AVENSI glass outshines every other coffee cup in existence. It allows you to actively control the temperature of your coffee. 

How is this possible? 

In our previous update, I shared the secret of swirling your coffee to amplify the aromas and flavors. But that’s not all, swirling also actively cools your coffee at a controlled pace that you choose

No more waiting for your piping hot coffee to cool down before that first sip. Swirling allows you to actively cool your coffee faster.

Not only that, the unique Hybrid Thermal Wall design allows you to retain the desired temperature of your coffee for longer. Prefer those rich chocolaty tasting notes at 45 degrees Celsius? No problem, just swirl until the temperature is just right. 

Want to bring out those hints of blueberry aromas and sweetness at 35 degrees Celsius? Continue swirling and voila!

That’s the beauty of the AVENSI glass. It allows you to fully immerse your taste buds in beautiful flavor thanks to the science of temperature control and heat retention. 

Enjoy every moment of your coffee to the last sip. 

These are just 3 of the special features that we designed for the AVENSI to enhance your entire coffee drinking experience. Find out for yourself why AVENSI is making waves across the coffee world and helping coffee lovers and experts alike appreciate their coffee in a way never before possible.

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