Our Essential List of Coffee Tools + Brew Guides

Whether you’re looking for tools to make the best coffee at home or you’re looking to start your very own coffee shop, we’ve got you covered.

Here is our list of essential coffee tools to make the best coffee right at home.


Grind Level: Fine or Medium

Flavor: Mostly espresso-based taste.

Click here for our in-depth Aeropress video brew guide.

The AeroPress is a home brewing coffee tool that comes in 3 parts. The brew chamber houses a coffee basket where the filter is located, the coffee grounds are added to the brew chamber and hot water is added. A plunger is then pressed down to create pressure and force the coffee into a cup as it is brewed past the filter.

Only a single cup of coffee can be produced each time, the disposable filter is easy to use and brew time is approximately 2 minutes.

Arctic Cold Brew System

Grind Level: Medium or Coarse

Flavor: Aromatic, smooth, and naturally sweet

The Arctic Cold Brew Coffee System is an incredibly easy, hands-off way to make smooth, refreshing cold brew coffee. Unlike hot water, cold water extracts flavor from your favorite coffee beans through a longer extraction process and leaves the bitter oils and fatty acids behind. The prep time is only 5 minutes and 3 easy steps: (1) add your favorite coffee grounds into the Micron Filter, (2) add the desired amount of water, and (3) allow it to brew for 12-24 hours. The brewing process can be done while left out in room temperature or stored in the fridge. After brewing, your brew can be kept fresh in the fridge for up to 2 weeks.

French Press

Grind Level: Coarse

Flavor: Pure, complex and robust

Click here for our in-depth French Press video brew guide.

This method is a widely preferred homebrew method for hot coffee. It provides some of the best flavors compared to others. A press pot is required, into which the ground coffee is steeped in, and then strained with the presser, extracting caffeine, essential oils and the rich flavors of the coffee into the brew. It offers an expressive return on your coffee bean and hardly misses out on the key ingredients.

Pour Over or Drip

Grind Level: Medium to coarse

Flavor: Smooth, balanced and refined.

Click here for our in-depth pour over video brew guide.

This is one of the oldest methods of homebrew for coffee and can be done in more than one way.

Chemex: The Chemex flask is made of glass and has an iconic hourglass shape. The disposable Chemex paper filter is heavier than other types of filters. Hot water is poured over the ground coffee while in the filter, and the brewed coffee drips down into the flask below. This brew can yield more than one cup at a time depending on the size of the flask.

PreciseBrew Dripper: Just like the Chemex method, the PreciseBrew Dripper adopts the use of a filter placed over a vessel, while hot water is poured over coffee grounds. It’s designed to give you complete control over your brewing to create the perfect cup of coffee. Unlike the Chemex it eliminates the need for disposable paper filters, which enhances the flavor of your coffee by retaining more oils and aromatics from your freshly ground beans.

The brewing time is around 2-3 minutes and yields the perfect amount for a single cup of coffee each time.

Comparing the two options, there is no ‘better’ option, it really depends on how you like your coffee. Both methods allow you to control the brew-time by varying the rate that hot water is poured into the funnel for the desired taste. Coffee that uses paper filters tends to have greater clarity of flavor and lighter body thanks to the fine fibers of the paper. The double metal filter of the PreciseBrew dripper will result in more aromatic oils and dissolvable solids in your final brew, meaning a heavier, thicker body.

Stovetop Moka Pot

Grind Level: Fine to Medium-coarse

Flavor: Strong, sometimes bitter, espresso-type coffee

Click here for our in-depth Moka Pot video brew guide.

This homebrew method uses the steam pressure of boiling water that is passed through the coffee grounds. The Moka Pot has three compartments. The water to be boiled is placed in the lower section, ground coffee in the middle section and then the final brew is collected in the top section as steam passes through the ground coffee.


Grind Level: Medium
Flavor: Smooth, delicate flavor.

The siphon is quite funky in its looks and performance and can still produce several cups per brew. Ground coffee is added to the top vessel and then hot water is forced up to mix with the coffee by vapor pressure. Once the pressure subsides, the brewed coffee is pushed back down through a filter back to the bottom vessel. The approximate brew time is 5 minutes.

Siphon brewing is perhaps one of the more technical brew methods because of the equipment involved, but the final brew is very clear and remarkably smooth thanks to the high temperature of the water during extraction. As the final brew is quite hot, just be careful and leave the brew to cool down before you drink it so you can experience the full gamut of aromas and fruity acidity in your coffee.

Other tools include:

Water Dispenser




Ice Machine

Frothing Pitchers

Cups & Spoons

Espresso Cups

Tea Ball Infusers

Syrup Pumps

Frothing Thermometers

Espresso Tampers

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