Watch how Master Glass Craftsmen Create AVENSI

Production for AVENSI is well underway and we’ve made two visits to our manufacturer this past month to oversee production of the glasses and ensure that everything is going smoothly.

Here’s a really cool fact: Just like your coffee, AVENSI is 100% handcrafted. And we’ve filmed a cool video to give you a glimpse at the hard work that goes into every glass.

There are no fancy tools or machinery, each AVENSI glass is made by hand and mouth blown by masters in glass craftsmanship. It takes a team of 5 glass craftsman (each with a minimum of 6 years experience) to make a single glass! That’s a combined 30+ years of experience that goes into making each glass 😮.

AVENSI is not only a completely new way to appreciate coffee, the design of the glass shape was something no one had ever done before. Normal double wall glass has been around for years, but AVENSI’s unique shape and architecture meant that only a few manufacturers were even willing to create the prototypes for us due to the complexity of the design. 

Through several iterations and many months of trial and error, we worked together with our manufacturer to understand the best approach to creating the iconic hexagon and Hybrid Double Wall shape.

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