What is ‘Speciality Coffee’?

Ever heard the phrase ‘Speciality coffee’ and wondered what it means and what makes it so ‘special’? It’s definitely not Dunkin’ Donuts or even Starbucks! It’s not the mass produced stuff that all tastes the same: bitter, nutty, and chocolatey. 

Specialty coffee describes coffee beans that are cultivated in small batches to express wonderfully unique tasting notes, like fruits, flowers, and honey. ‘Naturally sweet coffee!?’ you say? Yup, it exists! 

There are a few special organizations that grade specialty coffee for it’s quality and flavor. One of these organizations is called ‘Cup of Excellence’, and is considered the Oscars of the coffee world.

A panel of highly experienced coffee sensory judges tastes and evaluates hundreds of coffees from each region and scores them out of 100 points. If you ever find a coffee with the ‘Cup of Excellence’ distinction and a score over 90, grab it quick! It’s a rare gem!

The term ‘Specialty Coffee’ may sound like a snobby term, but on the contrary, it refers to a long standing movement to elevate the quality of coffee for the benefit of coffee lovers, and the farmers and producers who rest their livelihood on its cultivation. 

If you’re still drinking pre-ground coffee from the local grocery store, or drinking tall lattes the from Starbucks down the street, perhaps it’s time for you to explore the true diversity of flavors that coffee has to offer! You could start by getting familiar with the coffee flavors that are unique to different regions of the world or if you’re feeling extra adventurous you could try searching for these truly rare and delicious coffee from around the world.

The simple fact that you’re here eager to learn more about ‘Specialty Coffee’ is a sign that you’re ready for this new journey in coffee flavor! Don’t be afraid to get your feet wet, heck, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain! A deliciously new brew is waiting for you in this exciting world of Specialty Coffee.

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